Invasion Within: Overcoming the Elitists' Attack on Moral Values and the American Way

Domenick J. Maglio, Ph.D.

A Culture War is raging in America today.

Beneath the polished exterior of America's most cherished institutions lies a burgeoning cultural movement striving to countermand the minds of our citizens, beginning with our very youngest. This Invasion Within has already infiltrated our schools, our media, and even our families, and threatens to bring down our society if left unchecked.

Most frightening is the Elitists who, at the helm of this invasion's feigned enlightenment, try to bestow insidious and deeply harmful dogmas upon everyday Americans. They do not hesitate in knocking from their pedestals every freedom and every value for which our forefathers fought the Revolution. The enemies are the Elitists, smug in their attitude as they mug us of our moral values, who have infiltrated our schools, churches, boardrooms, and media: I call them "Smuggers."

Their original strategy was formulated in the 1930s, and has since spread as they continue to poison the individual's religious and cultural beliefs and thus dissolve the structure of the traditional family- and our nation- from within. The Culture War will not stop with the annihilation of the American Way, but will merely use our society as a foothold to obliterate Western civilization as we know it.

The casualties of this war- the increasing divorce rate, irresponsible parenting, out-of-control children, abortions, drug use, corruption, and a culture of lying- are apparent all around us. Celebrity Elitists ridicule our belief in God, sanctity of marriage, definition of life, the existence of evil, and the exceptionality of our culture.

We must stand up and take sides in this Culture War, and Invasion Within is the blueprint for our victory:

  • Insist that freedom and self-reliance are the lynchpins of American society.
  • Ensure that our children receive a traditional and disciplined education.
  • Be good role models as parents and as citizens.
  • Teach the moral of the story.
  • Spending the time to find solutions rather than labeling and drugging our children.
  • Pray to God to increase faith and hope in our future.
  • Say what we believe, not what is politically correct.
  • Stop watching trash on television.
  • Teach that character does matter.
  • Be patriotic to America's ideals.

By following these steps we will defeat this invasion and become an even stronger nation.